On the Road


After two years of talking about this trip, 6 months of planning it and one hectic week it is finally happening.

20 peaks 20 days

Mark, Nick and I begin thinking about this trip in October of 2015. We were finishing up a full weekend of climbing when some one suggested we climb all of the cascade volcanos. And for two years every time we would climb together someone one would mention this trip. Then in January we decided that this had to be the year.

After 6 months of hashing out the plan over Facebook messenger and Google drive we were nearly ready.

Less than a week ago I was in Oklahoma finishing up a zip line and now I’m in California on my way to Lessen National Park to start our first peak.

As I was headed back to Oregon I get a call from Nick. “I found a trailer, really good deal, but it’s going to require some work.”

That’s how my week in Oregon went from chill and casual to crazy and hectic. We tried to combine building up our trailer with social outings.

“Let’s just take the trailer with us on the camping trip and work on it there” I suggested.

We worked on the trailer as much as schedules would allow all week. Finally finishing up the electrical this morning before our 8 hour drive.

It may not have been the relaxing week I was expecting, but it was the perfect way to prepare for this trip!

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