How to Ruin Your Mani-Pedi in 1 Long Weekend

I wrote a blog post the other day about climbing Flyboys and I gave an update on my 30 before 30 list.

A friend mentioned that getting a pedicure would be much easier to cross off my list than an 18 pitch rock climb. So Nick and I did exactly that. Mark refused to join, but we had fun without him.

The next morning we headed to the first flat iron for a 10 pitch 5.6. At this point we still had hours of daylight left so we had more time to abuse out hands and feet. We ran down the trail back to the car. My feet did not appreciate running in approach shoes. We made our way to Eldorado Canyon for a 5 pitch classic(Bastille Crack). The hands and feet were tired, sore, and at least a little banged up, but we had more damage planned for the next day.


We headed to Mount Bancroft for a route that included close to everything. We started skinning nearly from the parking lot and made it to the start of the ridge before taking the skis off and attaching them to our bags. We continued hiking from there in our ski boots. After a short rappel we had a short section of steep rock. The ski boots made the climbing more difficult and the skis attached to our backs didn’t help either. From there we had a long stretch of 4th class terrain. Hours of scrambling and route finding later we reached the top.  We skied off the summit, but once we got back to the approach trail the snow had all melted out and we had to hike the rest of the way out in our ski boots. My feet did not appreciate it.

Exhausted and worn out from weeks of travel, lots of climbing, and a big day in the mountains. We opted for a crag day on my last day in Boulder. After a short and terrifying warm up on an easy trad line. We hopped on what we thought was a 10b. After Mark lead it we noticed a bolt to the right of us. Further investigation revealed that the line to the right was the 10b and we were climbing an 11a. I paused for a second considering top roping the route, but then shrugged and pulled the rope, committing to getting to the top on lead before the thunderstorm hit us. The route wasn’t easy and I didn’t climb it pretty, but I pulled all of the moves and reached the top of the route. The thunderstorm still hadn’t hit us and it was barely raining, so we all hopped on the 10b to make sure our hand and feet were banged up enough that no one would guess that we had gotten a mani-pedi just 3 days earlier. After that route I felt adequately abused.

Now I’m headed to Idaho for work where I’ll abuse my hands some more and if I’m lucky I’ll be able squeeze in a bit of climbing while I’m there!

Here is another update on my 30 before 30:


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