2019 in Review

Sleep Locations 2019 (1)

In 2019 I didn’t set goals the way I normally do. Instead I wrote a 30 before 30 list and failed to complete that instead. I did complete some goals along the way. But after a big trip in 2018 I wanted to match that intensity, but with a large variety of smaller goals. Some of them turned out to be too big. And as more and more of those goals, become unattainable I lost interest in the list. The list had been my reason to train and with that gone and my ankle injured I let my training slide and I fell into a funk. Not excited about anything and not interested in going through the ups and eventual downs of planning something big. I needed to snap out of my funk in a different way. I’ve been focusing on doing the little things and enjoying the little things for themselves. My review 2019 isn’t going to focus on the accomplishments its going to focus on the process.  So here is some of the data from 2019:

10 States and 5 Countries Visited

336 Miles Run on 53 Runs

335 Miles Bike on 9 Rides

32 Days Climbing Outside

69 Days Climbing Inside

9 Days Skiing

37 Books Read



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