The Recipe for a Sufferfest


  • An adventure so big it scares you
  • 2 Friends who prefer type 2 fun
  • 12 oz of San Pellegrino (Garnish)


Before you get started you’ll need to make sure you procure really quality ingredients.

Every good sufferfest should start as a stupid idea. You should wonder if could even be done. You should know for sure though that in order to do it it will take a whole shitload of suffering. The adventure should walk a balance between “why the fuck would we want to do that?” and “we need to do that” It should be big. You should need to take a step back to wrap your head around it. But you should take that step back and think about it for just a minute. You’ll know the adventure when you see it.

These type of friends can be hard to find, but they are easy to recognize when you have found them. They won’t need convincing. In fact they probably helped come up with the stupid idea in the first place. They are for sure the type you have already suffered with and they have pushed you to suffer even more.

Once the adventure has been chosen and the friends are on board you are ready to get started. So get started. That all there is to it. When you feel like quitting remember that you asked for this and keep suffering. Then drink a San Pellegrino: you deserve it.

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