Wild and Free

We got this trip off to an interesting start. The entire pacific Northwest was predicted to be hit with a snow storm people were calling snopocalypse. The results in Portland were a little bit of snow that didn’t even stick.  Seattle allegedly got hit pretty hard. Our first flight was from Portland to Seattle before taking a longer flight to Frankfurt. but 4 hours before the flight took off I got a good alert that it was cancelled. First I took a screen shot and sent it to Claudia (and posted it to my Instagram story. )img_20190211_114257_6496036848057537681335.jpg

Then I called Alaska Airlines.

“We are currently experiencing long wait times. We can call you back in 56 to an hour and 24 minutes”

We headed to the airport hoping to speak to someone there. With just a few minute before we arrived at the Airport I got a call back. At first it didn’t sound encouraging.

“Oh, that won’t work.” Long Pause “All the flights from Portland to Seattle are cancelled” Long Pause “Okay, I think this will work, how close are you to the airport?”

As we pulled into the Airport we had a possible flight. She put me on hold to get all the details sorted out. We would be flying through San Francisco instead of Seattle and on United instead of Alaska+ Condor. But none of that mattered; we were flying to Frankfurt and we would only be 30 minutes later than we were originally scheduled.

The 9 hour time difference was rough, but we slowly adapted.

After a day in Frankfurt Tanja observed “I don’t think you guys have really changed. Not really” And I think we all knew what she meant. That even though so many things about us had changed. We were still able interact the same way we did 12 years before.

A day or so later Claudia said to Gloria “We really haven’t changed, you are still wild and free and I’m still uptight”

“I think she is trying to say that you have poor time management and stresses her out” I said

“That is the nicest way any one has ever told me I have poor time management”

Gloria, Claudia, and I left Frankfurt by train. There weren’t enough seats so we spent the first half of the ride sitting on the ground. Eventually we arrived in Munich and pulled up directions to our airbnb. “These directions are like a scavenger hunt” said Claudia as she looked of the instructions she had printed out.

I plugged the address into my phone. “It’s this way” We fallowed my phone until we reached the apartment building. “How do we get in?”


“We need to waive the key near the door frame”

“Where do we get the key?”

“I don’t know, It says we need to find a blue bike”

When we found the blue bike in one of the 9 locations it might have been around the city. We had to crack not, but two safes to retrieve the key. After that we traveled to an extravagant maze to reach our home for the evening.

After a couple of days in Munich Gloria was headed home. Before her train left we grabbed one final drink.

We had finished our beers and were chatting. When Gloria looked at her phone and said “We need to go like now” We flagged down the waiter and paid for our drinks. Then off we ran. Down an escalator. Around and down another. We pilled into the train back to the main station with seconds to spare. “When we to the main station I think I’ll only have 5 minutes to get to my train.” The Main station is huge and she also had to grab her back back from the locker.

The doors to the train opened and and we were off running again. Up an escalator around up another and then another.  “WILD and FREE!!!” Gloria yelled as she darted up the final escalator to the surface. When we arrived at the locker Gloria checked the time. “I think I’m going to make it!!”

And she did!!

The next morning Claudia and I took a bus to Zurich. And the fallowing day I went skiing in the Swiss Alps I told all my friends ahead of time that I was going mostly only going skiing in Switzerland to make them jealous. And I’m sure that I was successful. The skiing was fun the weather was beautiful and the Alps are fucking stunning. Let me just say there is a reason people like to compare mountain ranges to the alps. At the top of the resort there is a restaurant with 360 views. Mountains in every direction.pano_20190220_1235378225183269170582336.jpg

I sat up there with the sun on my back staring out at the mountains drinking a beer and I thought. “This is bliss.” Then I got back on my on my skis and dropped 3000 feet to the bottom. I hopped back on the lift and did the run again.


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