Two years ago yesterday I got home from my first real international trip. Yes I had been to Canada and Mexico before that, but traveling to Australia and New Zealand felt different. On Monday I leave for my second real international trip and my first trip to Europe.

About 6 months ago I got a Facebook invite to my high school reunion. I’m sure no one is surprised to know that I wasn’t that interested in attending. But it did make me think about the people who I did miss and did want to see. So I got on Facebook and sent a message to two of my best friends from my graduating class Gloria and Leo. I then added in a friend from the class behind ours, Claudia. After a few messages Claudia were planning a trip to visit Gloria in Germany. Leo unfortunately wasn’t going to be able to join.

I’m actually more nervous about this trip than I was for my trip to hike across both islands in New Zealand. For that trip I knew what I’d be doing. I would be walking long distance. That is something I’m good at. I would be eating like a hiker and sleeping in the woods as often as possible. Easy. This trip is different. We have housing already set up for most of the nights and our train/bus tickets already booked, but I have no idea what we will do with ourselves all day. I guess that’s part of the fun. But it feels weird to me to travel somewhere with out a mission.

After 9 day of hanging with my friends I head solo to Spain. I’m excited for that. because I actually really enjoy spending time away from anyone who knows me. Both when I was on the PCT and when I was in New Zealand I got to do a little hiking by myself. After making group decisions for a long period of time it feels incredibly liberating for me to be able to make any decision on a whim. It also makes me nervous though, because I’m not always the most social and I can struggle to make new friends.

I’m sure it will work out. And I am super excited to see Gloria for the first time in years!!!

I’ll to blog about my travels, but I will probably fail. But it doesn’t matter, because no one will read it anyway.


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