Summit San Pelligrino

I have a tradition of bringing San Pellegrino’s to the top of mountains. I’ve expanded that tradition to drinking them at the end of long trails and at the top of multi pitches. It has also extended to to my friends group. The San Pellegrino I drank at the top of Rainier the first time I climbed Rainier was possibly the most refreshing beverage I have had. I was exhausted and a bit nauseous, but after stopping and and drinking the San Pellegrino I felt fine. I once carried a San pelli for 600km so I could drink one when I finished my through hike of New Zealand. But I’ve turned back before the summit on many climbs. A couple years ago I started saving San pellegrino from climbs I attempted, but did not summit. I leave those undrank San pellignos on my window sill as a visual to do list.

My San Pellegrino obsession began back in college when I was a part of the Adventure Leadership Institute. I remember on a 5 day rafting trip on the lower deschutes our instructors Josh and Ty were always chilling and sipping on San Pellegrino. San Pellegrino, became a huge part of camp culture at the ALI. So instead of a summit beer I bring a summit San Pellegrino and when I fall short of the summit I add a can to my window sill and I vow to go back to enjoy that San Pellegrino. I’ve been able to drink my Broken top San Pelli and my North Sister, but the collection on my window seems only to grow.

Two weeks ago I added another San Pelli to my to do list. My friend Gage and I set out to climb Flyboys an 18 pitch sport climb in the North Cascades, but we got shut down after only 2 pitches due to rain. With a busy schedule and the wet season upon us I assumed it would be months before I would get another attempt on Flyboys. But less than a week later another friend reached out and wanted to give it a go. I had one free day in the next couple weeks and it looked as though we might have one more good weather window, before the rainy season. And then my busy schedule got even more hectic. When I had to take last work trip to Hawaii. But I pushed a couple other obligations aside to give Flyboys a shot.

I flew back in to Portland late on Friday and On Saturday I made to long drive to the North Cascades. We went to run shuttle and Shelby’s Jetta got a flat tire. Normally a non issue, but Jettas have special lug nuts and we were without the key. After driving down the hill to get service we called AAA, but they would be unable to help on a gravel road. Shelby and Kevin would have to deal with the flat the next day instead of climbing. So to make things simpler and quicker Jimmy and I hoped on Prime Rib instead. Prime rib is an 11 pitch route on the same wall.

The climbing was fun and the weather was perfect. We topped out and drank San Pellis. But I’ll have to leave my Flyboys San Pelli for another time.

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