Two Thumbs

After reaching Bluff I didn’t feel done. There was still a 60k stretch of trail that I hadn’t done. It included the high point for the TA and was suppose to be one of the best tracks on the TA. I had to complete that track to feel complete. After working out the details I hitched back up for one last track.

As soon as I was back on trail I felt a sense of relief. On that first evening on trail I saw what looked to be a kangaroo, but that’s crazy. New Zealand doesn’t have kangaroos. I shrugged it off until I saw another this time I was sure I had seen a Kangaroo. It ran past me and then stopped. I got out my phone and tried to get a picture as soon as I was nearly ready it started to hop away. I pressed video and got some blurry footage.

The next day I hiked the rest of the track. I took an alternate route up and over a peak and that was some of the best scenery of the entire trip. I was very glad I gone back. And as the day progressed I got more and more excited. Far more excited than I was for bluff. I reached my end point a road in the middle of nowhere and it felt amazing.

I was lucky enough to catch a ride out of there all the way to christchurch.

It feels good to be done and I am excited to go home, but I am going to miss this place.

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