Farmer Maggot was a Trail Angel

I like to listen to books(And Podcasts) as a walk. I’ve listened to several books throughout the trail and many more podcast episodes. It seemed as though listening to Lord of the Rings was a must. I downloaded all three books and I just finished them on the day we will reach bluff.

Here is a thru hikers book review:

Farmer Maggot was a trail angel, Tom Bombadil too, and Elrond, and Galadriel, and Fairomere. Farmer Maggot aided Frodo is some much needed yellow blazing and there was no shame in that.

When the snow fell too hard in the Mountains the Fellowship was forced to take an alternate route. Much less scenic and with little trail info they journeyed down the alternate out of need not desire.

I know many hikers/trampers like Samwise. They carry huge packs and always fret over things they might not have instead of wondering what they can do without. They can’t bare to part with anything in their pack .

Lembas Bread is the ultimate trail food and Ent Brew the ultimate drink however neither are truly suited for a paddle. On the river stretch the fellowship could have carried lots of heavy food and saved the lembas for later when it would have been more needed.

Frodo and Sam ran out of water very very often in mordor. The problem was more that they didn’t have enough capacity than an actual scarcity. With stretches like they had, they should have each had at least a 5 liter capacity, not one bottle for two hobbits. One bottle is not enough.

“We have probably 60 miles left. It will take us at least a week” I know the ring was heavy, but after all that walking they should have been fit. 60 miles should have been 3 days max. And they should have started ditching gear earlier. Sam carried a pot set all the way from home and he used it once after leaving the fellowship.

For most of us it is the journey and not the end that matters, but for Frodo it was the End and not the journey that mattered.



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