“Update your Blog”

I was doing so well. I actually had two blog posts ready to be posted when my phone stopped working. I know what you are thinking: “Typical Zach destroying cell phones.” and you aren’t wrong. Either way all of that preplanned blogging down the drain.

I also spent 3 days without a phone meaning no camera so there is that. Either way it is time for an update. Or a recap


After flying into auckland we caught a bus to kerikeri. Then we hitched up to cape reinga. The first day was great the second day was long. We saw wild horses and a dead shark. We got blisters from walking barefoot in the sand for to long. And we slept through a tsunami warning. Oops

We hiked through a kauri forest. This slowed us down more than we would have expected. Then some forestry roads and then more kauri forest. Got completely drenched. Did some creek walking. Hiked across a pasture. Got a little lost. We ran out of food hiking into Kerikeri.

Hiked through paihia to apua. Then realized we couldn’t rent a kayak in apua. Took a ferry to russell arranged a kayak trip from paihia for the fallowing day(we had to wait because of tides. Checked out russell. Heard the kiwi birds sing(I haven’t seen one. They are nauternal) Kayaked across the bay of Islands.


Hitched our first ride in the back of a manuka honey truck. More creek walking. Walked across an estuary at low tide. Crossed some foot bridges.

Did some beach walking. Got a ride across the estuary in a guys row boat.

Got a shin splint.

Hiked through a shin splint.

Took a ferry into auckland. Ate an icecream cookie sandwich. Took a bus across auckland.



Camped by a waterfall.

Met Shell.

Had a trail family for a day.

Hiked to a crowded hut. Felt overwhelmed and retreated to out tents right away.

Hiked with Erin, Becky and Victoria for most of a day.

Saw glow worms.


Stayed at a hut with 2 other hikers(Sarah and Taylor)

Did a weird flip flop. Climbed mount doom. Lost my puffy. Cried.

Went back to Taumarunui. Canoed for 5 days down the Whanganui river.


Shin splint healed!!!

Hiked a black sand beach.


Checked out Bulls and Feilding and Palmerston north.

Hit the halfway mark. Camped in a concrete tube. Wrote this blog post.


Hiked a really slow mountain track. Broke my phone.

Found a san pellegrino. Walked along the beach. Walked into wellington.

Picked up my packages. Including one from my mom with my puffy. It included some goodies as well: Pregnant Penguins, Tazo Zen, Dark Chocolate PB cups.  Also new shoes I sent myself.

Hiked the rest to the end of the north island. Drank my san peli. Walked back to wellington. Spent Christmas on a farm with a lovely family.

Took the ferry between the islands. Here we are.




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