Some Great Walks Are Done By Boat.

New Zealand has 9 tracks designated as “Great walks” Over the last 5 days we paddled one of those great walks.

The scenery was stunning and it was a great change of pace from walking everyday. A large section of what we paddled was the official TA route. We did however add a little more paddling then was officially on track, but it was totally worth it. The beauty of this trail is that you have options. If you want to skip the river and head down the mountains you can. If you want the spend a few extra days on the river you can.

I have been hiking though a shin splint for the last few weeks and spending 6 days doing basically no walking should be exactly what I needed for it the heal. I guess we will see in the next few day.

You don’t have to carry your food on your back while on the river so we brought lots of  food and heavy foods. A bag of oranges, a block of cheese, a six pack.

One day we stayed at camp well past noon, because it was pouring so hard we didn’t feel like leaving the shelter.

The next day it drizzled on us from 9am when we got on the river until 6pm when we got off of the river.



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