Mount Doom

Yes, I reached the top of Mount Doom, but let me assure you that mountain is pure evil.


I hate that mountain! I hate it even more than I hate the North Sister…

The plan was simple we would hitch hike to the end of the Tongariro crossing the night before that way we could set up camp, pack light day packs for the crossing, and hitch to the start and end up back at camp that evening after a long day, Including a summit of Mount Ngauruhoe(Mount Doom) 

We woke up early and got out to the road to hitch. The first car to come along pulled over.

This is going to be a good day.

“Where are you trying to go?”

“Tongariro Crossing”

“It’s closed, They closed the walk. But hop in we are are headed the village we will take you there”

We hoped in. You can’t close the mountain that doesn’t make any sense. They took us into the national park as they explain that the winds are suppose to be really high. 80 kph. They drop us off at the visitor center. The visitor center is not yet open, but the weather forecast is posted on the door. The weather only gets worse the next few days. When the visitor center opens they explain that the trail is open. But they wouldn’t advise doing the crossing. Not to mention a summit of Mount Ngauruhoe. But that of course that was our own decision, but use our best judgement.

We got back out to the road to hitch and we got picked up by a very nice man who couldn’t hear a word we say. He took us to a trail head that requires us to hike the crossing in the opposite direction, away from camp.

Only small setbacks. Do you think Frodo turned to Sam and said “it looks pretty windy up there lets wait a few more days before we destroy the ring.”?

We started out and the weather was actually pretty nice. Sure we couldn’t see the mountain through the clouds, but it was once again looking to be a good day. When we reached the turn off and the winds picked up.

The visibility dropped and the winds continued to climb as we approached the summit. 20 meters 10 meter 5 meters. 75 kph 85 kph 100kph. And just as we reached the summit something black went flying past me. My bag had been blown open and my puffy was now soaring down the other side of the mountain.

I wish I hated Mount Doom, because it is where they forged a ring to rule all the rings and turn middle earth a land of totalitarian rule. Instead I hate that mountain, because it stole my ghost whisperer.

After climbing the mountain I still have no idea what it looks like. I’ve really never seen it.

Pure Evil Indeed

No Orcs to defend it

It had no black gates

But let me assure the summit is evil

The winds were strong

The visibility nil

No summit selfie

We had no san peli

My precious was taken

And the whole situation was lacking in eagles

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