This Is Not Hiking Its Tramping


We wasted no time getting from Auckland to Cape Reinga(the start of the trail). We took a bus up to Kerikeri, purchased food for our first few day on trail and put our thumbs to use trying to travel the last 200 kilometers to the Cape. 3 hitches later and we considered calling it a night and staying at the campground, but we found another ride taking us further north. Shortly after they dropped us off in the middle of nowhere, it began to get dark and traffic had completely ceased. Surrounded by farms we made this gem our home for the night.


The next morning we caught our final ride up to the Cape. A fellow hiker picked us up on her way up to start her hike. We got started and easily cruised through 30k. It was everything you could hope for in your first day on trail. We started the next day feeling great, but near the end of the day, when we were both out of water, trying to make it to the next stream was an exhausting task. With only a couple k left to go a man at the beach stopped to ask up about our hike when he found out what we were doing he offered us water and cokes and chicken chips. All three were splendid. It was the first trail magic of the TA and a much need moral boost.  We finished our day and camped just off the beach on a small dune. 54k completed. We were both wiped. We would later find out that there was an earthquake that night and a tsunami warning across the sections of beach we were on.

The next day was our last on the beach and took us into the start of our first forest track. In New Zealand they call Hiking “Tramping”and from what I can tell they are not exactly the same thing. They aren’t too big on switchbacks here or as the call them “zigzags” and I have fallen on my ass more times in the first week here than I did throughout my entire time on the PCT. Over the last week we have done beach walking, road walking(some along highways and some on sparsely used single lane gravel roads), forest tracks, creek walking, and walking across wide open sheep pastures.

Here are some pictures:

I’ve been blistered and sunburned and soaked but I am so glad to be out here. It took me months after the PCT to adjust back to city life. To adjust to being Zachary again, but after only a week on trail I feel like dustdevil again. I’m excited for the next section of trail. That will throw many new things at us. It will be and has been all three types of fun and I can’t wait.

Other notes:

I’ve been craving Justin’s Dark Chocolate PB cups obviously you can’t find those here, but there is also have a surprising lack of Reese’s PB cups. I was able to find a bag of miniatures though.

Free WIFI is a much harder to find here than it is in the states.

Kauri Forests are incredibly beautiful when you aren’t too busy falling on your ass to notice.

The weather here is less predictable than Oregon.

So many places here look just like the shire.

Possums and Opossums and different things?




4 thoughts on “This Is Not Hiking Its Tramping

  1. So nice to see that you’re well in your way in his very different land 😊 It will be nice to follow you on the “track”.

    Please give my kind regards to Swept Away. I’ll be thinking about you two!


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