Australia and Politics

I wrote most of this blog on my plane ride from Australia. This trip has already been full of new experiences. My first time in the southern hemisphere. My first time off North America. My first hostel( and Second and 3rd). My First Opera(amazing). My first sausage roll(very tasty). My first time being embarrassed by the color of my passport.

A 14 hour flight into Australia had us arriving in Australia 18 hours ahead of pacific time and very tired. In order to to get ourselves on Australian time we made sure to stay awake all day(a serious challenge). We walked the beach and discovered that Sydney was right at the end of a month long exhibit along the beach: “Sculpture by the Sea” Hundreds of sculptures across a couple of beaches and parks all with views of the ocean and the beautiful sandstone cliffs. I know you want pictures and at some point I’ll post them.

The next day we saw more of the town. We saw an opera And we stayed on an island in Sydney Harbor. Sydney has a great public transportation system. Buses Trains L-trains and Ferries all use the same payment system, run frequently, and run all across town.

We headed back to the main land to explore more of the city: Gardens, Castles, Churches, Darling Harbor, and even a mall.

The next morning as we were leaving our hostel I caught a moment of news. Australia’s Marriage equality law had failed to pass. It was surprising to me that Australia didn’t already have marriage equality and appalling to me that that it didn’t pass. I’m disappointed that this type inequality and bigotry, still exists. I escaped politics for more than 24 hours in Australia’s Blue Mountains. The train heads directly from Sydney to the National park. The park was stunning. We saw mountains and jungle and canyons and waterfalls and rocks and it was amazing. As the election results begin to trickle in I was hours from Wifi and I had no doubt which way the election would go.

When I finally got Wifi the results were almost completely in and I was very wrong. Facebook was going crazy and I felt ill. I didn’t think a Trump presidency was a real possibility. I knew he had supporters, but I never imagined this. I went through facebook.

“I never realized bigotry was so widespread” I reacted with a crying face.

So many reactions of sadness and many of anger.

This continued down my page. I finally found a trump supporter on my feed. This was his rhetoric:

“This elections confirmed many important things:
1: There are a few elitist running this country that only look out for their own interest
2: The media and the polls were biased and were “out to get” Trump and ultimately suppress those who voted for him
3: The silent majority does exist
4: Celebrities don’t hold as much political power as we had once thought

If you think this election was about racism, misogyny, islamophobia, homophobia, etc. then please DM so I can tell you what it was really about because you don’t understand why Trump really won.”


I haven’t been political on Facebook for a long time, but the time for silence is gone. If you think that racism, sexism, xenophobia and homophobia are not issues or that they can be put aside to help defeat the few elitists running this country. You are part of the problem. If you believe that a billionaire celebrity is on your side then I’m not sure it is elitists you have a problem with. Support for trump is like hanging a confederate flag. It doesn’t matter what the flag means to you: what it represents to most of us is racism.

Showing my passport over and over this morning I was ashamed. At first I never wanted to go back to a country  whose leaders do not represent me. I am half way across the world. I could apply for a long term visa. I could stay illegally. I could live the nomadic life and always stay on the move. That was my first train of thought. But Donald Trump doesn’t represent the majority of Americans. I am ashamed that 58 million Americans think he represents them. I don’t know what the solution is, but I know we have to stand against this inequality instead of running from it. This will be an uphill battle, but we have to fight it.

We will fight and we will create a better world!!!


One thought on “Australia and Politics

  1. I thought how lucky you are right now to be away from all this. I thought about possibilities in other countries as well, but ultimately, I decided I would work harder than ever to make sure I am represented in my country. I love Oregon, and most of America. I cherish our freedom, and the fact that I can do anything I want to, so long as I don’t violate the rights of others. I will not abandon my LGBQT+, POC, and friends of all religions and values. I won’t abandon those fighting for clean water at Standing Rock. I hate that Trump and Pence are the face of our country right now. I hate that my rights as a woman may be in serious jeopardy, considering The house and Senate are going to be Republican, and the Supreme Court as well. I will do what I can on my end. Fight the good fight for TRUE FREEDOM (i. e. Not being afraid to walk down the street because you wear a hijab or miniskirt). True freedom is keeping Religion seperate from state. I had these sentiments when I considered myself religious. Other than Racism and fear, this is where most rights are infringed upon. God, if you believe these sorts of things, belongs in church. Not in the White House. I won’t say I am ashamed. Hillary won the popular vote. I voted for her. I want to be an ally and an advocate to those who hurt and are in fear right now. I want all of America to be this, however I don’t believe that all 58 million americans who supported Trump are racists, homophobes etc.. I believe many have become disenchanted with american politics and felt that they were negatively affected in the last few years,(that the status was not quo) and decided to back someone not in the political elite,seeking something different(horrible, but different). Many were silent on who they were voting for because of this (at least they were ashamed they were voting for Trump?) . I do also believe because the hateful rhetoric he spewed, it made certain people ok with being horrible. That is where I take real issue. It showed how sexist and racist america really is right now (again, I don’t feel this applies to all who supported Trump), and to that I say, well let’s work on that now that we know. Lets educate these dumb fuckers, and get the fuck involved, I believe the countryman and city dweller can be friends and mutually beneficial. I am ashamed and pissed off that Democrats didn’t get off their asses and vote (the numbers are down this year as opposed to the Obama elections)! That is unacceptable. I am pissed people wrote in dumb shit and wasted their votes. Anyway, sorry for the long response. I am proud of you and hope you are having an amazing time, and damn it, let’s bring the fight!

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